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We, the American Indian Council, Inc. (Lebanon, IN), are a Not-for-Profit Organization.  We do except donations.  However it has come to our attention once again that phone calls are being made (this time from over seas) asking for money in our name.   We have NEVER solicited funds from individuals in the past, currently and will never in the future.  If anyone contacts you soliciting funds using our name please contact the police.  Also get as much information (name, address, etc) of where to send any funds to give to the police to help them and us to find out who is doing this so that we may put a stop to it.  Thank you.

The 2014 American Indian Council, Inc. Officers

LeRoy Malaterre, Chairman Emeritus

Butch Wamsley, Chairman

Leroy Malaterre, Co-Chair

Charles Powers, Sergant-at-Arms

Sandy Maddox, Secretary

Vivian Anderson, Treasurer

Thornton Chandler, Member-at-Large

Wayne Deutsch, Member-at-Large

Sally Tuttle, Public Relations

Janet Comer, Historian

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